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Zacherley Chills in Transylvania While Remembering the Beatles

"Yes, I remember that winter day on February 9, 1964 when The Beatles took the stage on the Ed Sullivan Show. I was firmly entrenched in New York by that time and that was the only thing people talked about."

"It was a wonderful time. I loved their music and I still listen to it."

"In the 1970s when I was working in radio I attended a party. Ringo Starr was there and I got to meet him. When he heard my name he began reciting lines from my hit 'Dinner With Drac'. I was amazed and stunned that a Beatle remembered something I had done!"

Zacherley has been spending these cold winter months visiting relatives in what he now calls sunny Transylvania.

"It's a bit warmer here, in the Carpathians, than it is in New York so I think I will extend my vacation a bit longer!"

The Cool Ghoul doesn't want to become the frozen ghoul. The swamps in New Jersey have turned to ice. Zacherley can no longer open the secret door to his private laboratory by himself because the lock has become frozen solid. Igor slipped on some ice and is nursing a bad back that he got about a week back and is unable to help open the door. So Zacherley has decided to continue his vacation until the weather warms.

Don't worry. He does plan to be back in time for the April Chiller Theatre show!

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