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When Ghouls, Goblins and
Creatures of the Night appear,
rest assured that Zacherley is near!

Enter his world for some fun
and a thrill, but do so carefully and
of your own free will!

In Memoriam
It is with a heavy heart that we report
John Zacherle died on Oct 27th, 2016,
at the age of 98.

John Zacherle

We would like to take this
time to offer our sincerest condolences to
his family.

To say that he was an icon is a bit of an
understatement. This man, this wonderful
man, was a force of nature who
lived it up with fans well into his 90s.

There will never be another like him and
we were lucky to have him haunting us for
as long as we did.

He will be dearly missed by all!

Attention Zacherley Fans!

Many of you write us and ask for information about Zacherley.
We, here in the Dungeon, do our best to answer you.

However, we cannot answer you if you have us blocked by your SPAM filters. We have received more than one irate email from fans who want to know why we do not respond to emails. It is because you have us blocked. We will not take the time to go to another website and fill out information so you can take us off the spam filter.

If you want a reply to your question

Who the heck is Zach, anyway?
Here's everything you wanted to know about the one and only Zacherley.
It's long - but worth it. ZACH's BIO!

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AS many of you have read, John Zacherle has passed freeing the spirit of Zacherley to the ages. John was cremated in a small ceremony, and his remains cared for by family.

Many of you have written to use asking about a public ceremony for John and a place to express your feelings about his life, career, and Zacherley. Many of his fans clubs have already had their own ceremonies but a big one is planned and is in the works. It will happen.

The Chiller Theatre Expo, Zach’s home since its inception in 1990, will host a weekend long tribute event in April of 2017. The April Chiller Theatre show will be a weekend long memorial to the Cool Ghoul. Please check their website for updates.

We would also like to put an end to some confusion that has even brought concerns by the New York Times. Zacherley’s amoeba was named THELMA. Many of you complained to us and the NY Times that the amoeba was named Phyllis. Well, Phyllis was the amorous amoeba that Zacherley tried to mate (as you can see in the YouTube video from a surviving segment of his show), but Thelma was the one and only closest to his heart.

  More Info found in the News Archive!  

Photo Policy

Many of you have written in wanting to know if you can send in your pictures of Zacherley. Before you do, please read this.

We are willing to accept your photographs under the following conditions:

  1. You write us first and tell us what you have, and we'll respond as soon as possible. If we have the space we'll most likely accept the photo.
  2. We will give you photo credit for the use of your picture.
  3. We are only set up for jpegs at this time.
  4. VERY IMPORTANT: Before sending photos of any kind, please write care of the webmaster and let us know what kind of photos you would like to post. We were flooded recently with pictures of Zach standing at the microphone at Chiller. We have a lot of those.

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