Color Zacherley 'Disc-O-Teen' Photos!

Jim Bemis is a professional photographer and airline pilot. His specialty is aerial photography. However, way back in the mid-sixties Jim was well grounded as a fan of Zacherley and the ever popular Disc-O-Teen.

Jim met Zach in Central park one day in the sixties and took a number of pictures. He processed and printed them overnight. He showed them to Zach who liked them and invited Jim to the show to take more pictures.

"We did the last two shows as I remember," says Jim. "I was there when they got 'Spanished' as Fat Bill the Film Man said. Channel 47 changed and broadcast totally in Spanish. Zach's was the last English speaking show to air."

So Jim has taken the time to share with us some of those wonderful color shots that he took during the last two episodes of Disc-O-Teen. They were taken on Ektachrome slide film that Jim mounted himself.

Zach and the staff want to thank Jim for remembering such a great show.

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