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Zacherley Moonlights as Dracula!

"It's winter time, the ground is frozen so what can a ghoul do? Do you know how hard it is digging up bodies this time of year?" says the Cool Ghoul, Zacherley.

"Every now and then I like to see how the other half lives." He said with a chuckle.

Zacherley hammed it up as Count Dracula, a distant relative, while long time friend Rosemary Dipietro played the Vampira-esque beauty at his side. They were joined a bit by a mad mummy aka Freddie Poe, professional part time monster for a brief time as captured by musician and songwriter Michael Gilks.

Could these be promo pics for a new Zacherley CD? Stay tuned right here for the answer to that question and more Zacherley news!


ZACHERLEY FOR PRESIDENT (AGAIN) New Zacherley Book debuts!

It's out in time for this year's presidential election! ZACHERLEY FOR PRESIDENT (AGAIN) by noted Zacherley scribe John Skerchock, hit the bookstands recently.

WE will have a review of it in Zach's Picks but you want to get your copy today and have Zacherley sign it at Chiller!

Zacherley on the Loose

FILMFAX Get thee to a newsstand! Zacherley is on the cover of the current issue of FILMFAX magazine. Relive the excitement of the Aurora models DVD by Cortlandt Hull and hear what Zacherley has to say.

And while you are at the newsstand grab a copy of Horror Hound magazine and read the two page article on the Cool Ghoul there. But don't leave just yet! Grab the latest issue of Scary Monsters, Zach's favorite monster magazine. Each issue carries the latest Zacherley news, even before we get it! In fact, after Zach talks to Scary Monsters he sometimes forgets to call and tell us what is new!!

AND if you were lucky enough to catch Zacherley at the last Chiller Theatre show you know he had fun. He met with a long time friend called Ormsby. Ormsby is a creature who lives just north of Zach in slightly colder temperatures than the dank, wet swamps of New Jersey.

Zach also wanted to let you know, "I'm sorry no one could hear me when I sang on stage Saturday night. They always play the music way too loudly."

In this case Zach wasn't too upset by the loud music. You see, Zach does not know the words to Monster Mash so he always carries the lyrics with him. Well, as he got on stage to sing a Chiller security guard took the lyric sheet from him so that he could sing back up with Zach.

"I just let him go and tried to wing it the best I could."

Many people told Zach he had the body of a fifty year old and the ghoul just grinned. "I was trying for forty but I couldn't find anyone that age in my size. Hah-hah ha."

Stay with us for what we hope will be more frequent posts and pictures of the Cool Ghoul, and join us all at Chiller Theatre in Parsippany New Jersey this Halloween weekend!

Zacherley Aurora Monster DVD Available


"It's been a long time since I felt that good in front of a camera," said Zacherley about his role hosting the new DVD by Cortlandt Hull and the Witch's Dungeon entitled AURORA MONSTER MODELS.

"Bill Diamond and Cortlandt Hull created an environment for me that I hadn't seen in years. They gave me as much if not more freedom to act than I had with the Horrible Horror experience."

The long awaited DVD has finally been made available for general purchase. It can be obtained from Amazon.com or through the Witch's Dungeon website.

"We barely got it done in time for Wonderfest," says Cortlandt Hull, the man behind the DVD. "We were only able to make a limited number of copies and they sold out quickly. We then tried to have a larger order of them for Monster Bash but they sold out there as well. We finally have enough printed that everyone can enjoy the DVD."

The DVD is a capsule in time. It captures the experience of the first monster boom of the late 1950s and early 1960s. The focus, however, is on the Universal Monster models created by Aurora Plastics Company.

Zacherley hosts the DVD adding his wisdom and some creative experiments into the mix. The DVD is over an hour and a half in length with some extras.

Zacherley remembers Mike Thomas

One of Zacherley's long time friends, Mike Thomas, passed away this week. Mike was a regular at the Disc-O-Teen dance show that Zacherley hosted back in the mid-1960s. They have been friends ever since.

Mike was a talented actor and a professional makeup man. He did on target impersonations of Bela Lugosi as Dracula and as Ygor.

In recent years Mike has appeared on stage with Zacherley while dressed as Dracula to perform Joe Girardi's hit BELA LUGOSI.

Mike was a regular fixture at the Chiller Theatre and Monster Bash monster shows. At Chiller he dressed as Dracula, and at Monster Bash he was most often seen as Ygor.

Mike produced and started in a pilot called DEAR YGOR which featured the maligned monster as a horror host of sorts. While the pilot failed to produce a series it was seen by hundreds of monster fans who then became endeared to Michael's talents.

"He was a very dear friend," said Zacherley. "I knew he had health problems and I always worried about him. His spirit and sense of humor were strong. He was a wonderful friend. I will miss him."


Cortlandt & Dennis put up on "You Tube" two of their Zach clips. View in "HighQuality".

"Zacherley's Out-Take"
"Zacherley's Halloween Poem"

ROCK with the Cool Ghoul!

A movie clip of Zacherley singing 'Monster Mash' at April's 2005 CHILLER!

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