Zacherley’s Recommendations!

INSIDE SEKA INSIDE SEKA by Seka and Kerry Zukus. Length 337 pages, illustrated. Publisher Bear Manor Media Price $24.95 available where good books are sold.

My friend, Dottie, wrote a book about her life. It is an awesome book and a book that is easy to read. It reads as if the author was sitting next to you and talking. Dottie is a smart woman. She knew what she wanted out of life and worked hard to get it. In the 1970s she became an adult film star but not just any film star. She became the best and the most famous. She became Seka and this is her story. You may have reads bits of it before on her website or saw stories in the press.

INSIDE SEKA is an unabashed truth on the table kind of book that just warms your heart. It is, in a way, a David and Goliath story as Dottie went up against an established industry that was using and abusing its actors because it could and she won. She got to call the shots and take control of her own destiny. It is a beautiful story of empowerment as well.

This book is a MUST READ and I assure you that you will feel good when you are done! Lavishly illustrated and very informative. I give it two claws up!

ZOMBIES, MAIDENS, & MONSTERS ZOMBIES, MAIDENS, & MONSTERS by John Skerchock. Length 186 pages illustrated. Publisher Dark Dungeon Enterprises. Price $19.99 available at and most monster shows.

This book is a collection of interviews with the famous people who have made fantasy into reality through their work in films. Interviewed are those who played monsters, three zombies (including Rob Zombie) are interviewed, a group of lovely maidens including Caroline Munro and Seka are interviewed, as are Oscar winners Robert Short and Ray Harryhausen. Loaded with photos and information this is a Monster Kids go to book. Two claws up!