New Zacherley Book IS Available

GOOD NIGHT, WHATEVER YOU ARE Within a few hours of our posting the news about the new Zacherley book, GOODNIGHT, WHATEVER YOU ARE! written by long time Zacherley friend Richard Scrivani, we got flooded with emails on how people can buy the book.

Well, we'll tell you!

As many of you know we are unable to sell items through this website. However, we can tell you how you can buy Zacherley items.

To get your very own copy of GOODNIGHT, WHATEVER YOU ARE! By Richard Scrivani, simply send a check or money order for $19.95 ($14.95 for the book and $5.00 for shipping) to...

Dinoship, Inc.
299 Broadway, Suite 1016
New York, NY 10007

If you need further help please call Oumar Dlop at (212)595-1044 ext.121.

Zacherley Hosts Witch's Dungeon DVD

WITCH'S DUNGEON 40 YEARS OF THRILLS The Cool Ghoul is back with style as he provides some of the opening narration to a masterful DVD produced by Cortlandt Hull and Dennis Vincent. For over forty years Cortlandt Hull has run a Halloween attraction in Bristol, Connecticut, known as The Witch's Dungeon.

Cortlandt has released THE WITCH'S DUNGEON 40 YEARS OF THRILLS, a two hour journey into the origins, history, and making of this world famous attraction.

To order your own copy of this amazing DVD visit their website or send a check or money order (checks take time to clear) for $18.95 plus either $2.50 for regular mail with delivery confirmation or $5.50 for priority mail with delivery confirmation to the following address (That's either $21.45 or $24.45):


Cortlandt can accept checks or money orders. You can write for quantity discounts for resale. Paypal is NOT available.


Zachs CD Zacherley's latest CD is entitled INTERMENT FOR TWO and features some of the best Zacherley material yet!

(You can also still order DEAD MAN'S BALL!)

To order either CD, send a MONEY ORDER (sorry no checks) for $19.00 (that's $15.00 for each CD and $4.00 first class mail WITH delivery confirmation so Mike knows you got it) to:

Mike Gilks
P.O. Box 520
E. Quogue, NY 11942.

Dealer rates? Ask Mike!


ZACHERLEY SCRAPBOOK! The Zacherley Scrapbook is SOLD OUT!! You'll have to take your chances on EBAY.

The Zacherley Scrapbook is an over-sized paperback book that contains a wealth of information about Zacherley and his creator John Zacherle.

The book contains over one hundred pages of information and more than a hundred photos, many never seen before. It also contains some unique Zacherley artwork. The front, full color cover is by artist Dave Stevens and the back cover is by artist Frank Garofolo. Interior artwork is by Disney artist Frank Dietz, artist of the macabre Bernie Wrightson, and fan artist Scott Pensak.

The book is presented in three sections. One section is a tribute to Zacherley by some of his closest friends and fans including rock legend Rob Zombie, artist Bernie Wrightson, musician Michael Gilks, actor Daniel Roebuck, and Chiller Theatre founder Kevin Clement. There is a special forward by Bob Burns owner of some of the best horror movie props around and author of It Came From Bob's Basement. Another section is a biography of John Zacherle that also contains a complete play list of shows from his time as Roland in Philadelphia as well as some memories of Disc-O-Teen. The third section is a scrapbook from John Zacherle himself containing rare photos from his personal collection along with comments about what is transpiring in those photos.

"This is the definitive Zacherley book," said John Zacherle.

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